Hello! My name is Michele.

I’m so happy you’re here! I’d love for you to get to know me.

Wife & Mother

First and Foremost I am a wife and mother. Followed by a coffee guzzling virtual assistant that likes to help an entrepreneur get back to doing what they love.

Very Active Kiddos

I have three very active children and my husband and I spend a lot of time in the bleachers watching our children take part in a variety of sporting activities. Having the flexibility to be a present wife and mother was the driving factor in why I choose to be a virtual assistant. I spent a lot of time working from wherever.

Take care of Yourself

I believe it is essential to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. For me, this is done by practicing meditation, yoga, essential oils, strength training, walking with our dog Daisy and being a mindful eater. Little disclaimer mindful eating some days may include cinnamon roll pancakes or baked treats.

I really like cute shoes….

I also love fashion, you know the typical: shoes, clothes, bags, and makeup. Although, most of the time you will find me in comfortable clothes.

Coffee and a Book ~ yes, please

I enjoy to read books and magazine and will choose that anytime I need to have downtime. Notice I didn’t say free moment, because I do not have those I need to be aware of when I need to take a break.

Walking with Miss Daisy

When I’m walking I’ll be listening to a Podcast. My favorites are Amy Porterfield, Carrie Green, and Chalene Johnson. Although, I have about 15 that I listen to consistently. I strive to learn something new every day and transfer that knowledge to my business and customers.

Begin With Research

Always my first step to any process is research. Google is an amazing business tool.

Like to Know More?

I am passionate about what I do and who I help. Would we be a great fit? If so, schedule a complimentary discovery call with me!




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