Believe in Setting Resolutions

Believe in Setting Resolutions

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Resolutions Defined

I believe in setting resolutions, I just am not a 100% on board that they should only be set at the beginning of a new year. Prior to setting the resolution the firm decision, as defined above, should be made to commit to the success of the resolution. If you are not going to follow through what is the point of starting? It’s just wasted time. Are you with me on this or am I off my rocker?

Mindset is the Key

Personally, I believe you need to make sure that you have the right frame of mind to go along with the resolution. If you set a resolution you better be onboard mentally. If your mindset is not ready for a life changing commitment, will you actually be successful?

For me, I need to understand the why and be all in mentally. Otherwise, I will struggle with the commitment.

Flossing is a Great Example

Flossing my teeth is a great example of a firm decision to do something. When I was young flossing was not a daily habit. Many years ago I set a New Year’s Resolution to start a daily habit of flossing. I understood my why, it was for better overall gum health and of course to proudly answer “Yes” to the question if I floss daily. I was successful because I was all in mentally to my life change and understood why I was committed to my New Year’s Resolution.

Why should we wait until the New Year to set resolutions? Believe in


setting resolutions to improve yourself during the year to!

When I made the firm decision to commit to exercise five days a week, this was not done as a New Year’s Resolution. I committed to this healthy habit in the middle of the year. At first, this was not my favorite thing to do. I am not kidding, when I say it probably took five years before exercise became the highest priority on my daily task list. It is unbelievable to me that at one point I would prioritize cleaning the house higher than exercise. However, that has changed as it is very rare that I dread my workout or do not workout six days a week.

Here are a couple of items, I’ve made a firm decision to make a higher priority on my task list.

  • Write 30 minutes a day about anything, just write
  • Take a course to brush up on my design skills. I have a few picked out on
  • I love Podcasts! Taking time to listening to these has taken a backseat to other items on my task list. This one is getting moved up.Miss Task|Believe In Setting Resolutions Blog Photo 2016


Do you believe in setting resolutions? If so, what do you have set for 2017?

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