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Branding Rabbit Hole

Boy, did I go down a branding rabbit hole the other day. This took me completely off my blogging schedule. I have worked on my branding little by little. For now, my branding is the fonts and colors that I want to represent Miss Task.  Nothing to crazy, simple branding. About a month or so ago I decided that my logo had too much color and Miss Task|Technical Virtual Assistant LogoI wanted to pick just a few signature colors. I was careful to look for web safe colors, most of my communication is either electronic or via the web. Finding web safe colors was top on my list.  I settle on hex color 33ccccc for my accent color, along with two different shades of gray. Hex color 666666 and Hex color 333333 You will see these three colors represented in my logo.


About the same time as I picked out my colors, I found a number of fonts that I liked on Google’s font page. And narrowed it down to a handful or two of fonts that I liked. (:

How did I end up in a branding rabbit hole?

I love my accent color and will not change that. However, I decided that I want to have one more color. I have two grays and one accent color. I wanted another color. So I made two HUGE mistakes. One not setting a timer and two heading out to Pinterest. Once at Pinterest I searched for just Pantone colors. Guess you could call this my third mistake, searching to broad. Anyone else love to look at color schemes? I finally did narrow it down to my accent Pantone color 325 c. Here is a link to a website I used to figure out my Pantone color from my hex number:

Here is also a link to learn more about Pantone, LLC. . The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

After searching Pinterest for just my Pantone color, it only brought back a few pins. Yay, just a few to pick from, but once I click on the pins Pinterest is ever so kind to give you related pins that you may like. Right back down the branding rabbit hole. Here is a link to my color board  on Pinterest if you would like to check out my current options. Want to give your opinion, leave it in the comments below.


While I was already on my rabbit hole journey, why not keep on going. I had to see what they had for typography too on Pinterest. Wow, you are able to find a number of fun font pairings when you do this. This is overwhelming! Why are things like searching for fonts and colors so intriguing to me. I am sure my husband would put that in the same category as watching paint dry. Which let’s be fair, watching paint dry is also not all bad, if you have the right cup of coffee and a comfy seat. (: Branding Rabbit Hole Post|Miss Task Virtual Assistant


Now I need to decide on all the wonderful  color schemes that goes along with my accent color or as I prefer my signature color.

Do you have a signature color for your branding? Is this anything that you have given thought too? Here is a great blog post from Lucky Bee, on how to build a personal brand. 

Anything you would like to share? Leave it in the comments below or reach out to me at

Wish you success,


Miss Task

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