Calendly|Scheduling Is So Simple

Calendly | Scheduling Is So Simple

Calendly | Simple Scheduling

Calendly|Scheduling Is So SimpleDifficult getting prospects and clients scheduled for a discovery call?

Have you had a prospect fill out the contact form, but nothing came of it because it took too much time and effort to actually get the discovery call scheduled? Would you like to stop the back and forth? Scheduling is so simple when you use a scheduling tool.

Calendly allows a client or prospect to easily find a time that works for both of you! You can embed into your website, add a link to your pages and posts, or in your email marketing.

This tool is exactly how I like them, simple to use. They have a variety of plans! Pick from either the basic (which is free), a premium or Pro. Here is a link to the pricing page at Calendly.

Let’s talk about the features

It integrates with google calendar! This works great, as it will look at the calendar and provided times that are open for a discovery call. They also work with Outlook, Office 365 and iCloud if you are not a google calendar user. (This is basic feature)

It is able to detect the timezone! This is automatic so everyone is on the same page. Because we all have enough to do without having to convert timezones for meetings!


Basic has 1 event type, Premium and Pro have unlimited! This is great if you offer a variety of different types of meetings/events/call options.


It will send notifications of the meeting. Can we really live without reminders?

Time to Prepare

Do you want to set up a 24-hour minimum so that a meeting is not able to be scheduled on the same day?

It works on all your devices!

Whether you would like to use it on your desktop, phone or tablet it will work with all of your devices.

Some great paid features are:

  • Customizing the email that is sent when a meeting is scheduled.
  • Setting up a buffer time. Do you want to block 10 minutes before so you are able to prepare? Plus, you would like 10 minutes after so that you can finish up any tasks that came up or notes of the call.
  • Would you like to limit to three calls a day? No problem, they have the ability to set the total number of meeting that you will allow being scheduled in a day.
  • Remove the Calendly branding.
  • Group events
    • This is a great option for webinars or classes that you may offer to multiple attendees.
  • Reporting!
    • How do you know if it is working if you aren’t able to look at reports?

Here is a link to the features page at Calendly.

Here is a link to the integrations available.

One thing that they do not have is the option to have them pay when they are booking. You can work around this with a PayPal.Me link.

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call and we can set it up together!  Schedule Now!

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