Miss Task| Create A Landing Page with Leadpages

Create a Landing Page with Leadpages

Create a Landing Page with Leadpages

Hey Goal Crusher,Miss Task| Create A Landing Page with Leadpages

Let’s create a landing page with Leadpages! With easy to use templates, this can potential be done in 10 minutes! How exciting is that? What’s the last thing you did that took just 10 minutes?
Leadpages offers two different template options to use, either the standard templates or drag and drop templates.

Get It Together

Gather together everything you need, this will allow you to efficiently create your page.

  • Do you have your copy in hand?
  • Media to add?

Great, let’s create a landing page

What type of landing page would you like to create? Are you looking for a sales page, opt-in page, are you promoting a webinar? They have all those and much more, do a quick search to narrow down your options.

With your template selected, now go through the template and remove anything that you know you will not be needing. If you hover over the little gear in the left-hand corner and click it will bring that section up in the menu on the side. It will be the layout. Your able to select if you would like the section to be visible.

Work your way down the page, clicking the gear to bring the section layout up in the menu. This will allow you to add photos or change background color.

To change the text simply click and add your copy. How easy-peasy is that? With all things, you need to use it in order to be efficient. If this is your first time out of the gates you will need to set aside some time to play with the workflow of the templates.

The standard templates are a bit simpler and do not have as many widgets that can be added. They are more of what you see is what you get.

I created

I created an example Opt-In Page for a free eBook. The eBook is going to be 7 Days to better Time Management, that’s pretty catchy, right? Here is a quick video so you can see what can be created in 10 minutes.

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