Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Can a daily gratitude be coffee?

A morning routine for me is important to start with the right mindset for the day. If this routine may get interrupted time to time or not possible all together, I am happy to report that it does not send a complete upheaval to my day. It is a routine that I have tailored to get my creative side of my brain going in the morning. My morning routine consists of meditation, writing in a journal and creating my daily to do list. These activities joined together takes 30-40 minutes of my morning, averaging only about 10 minutes for each.

Beginning with meditation allows for an easy follow into my journal writing. My journal opens each morning with a daily gratitude. What at that very moment am I most grateful for. Most days they revolve around people in my life, a sense, ability or emotion. The things that would affect me the most if they were no longer there. I will admit this is not the case each and everyday. Please no judgement here, there are mornings when I am just very grateful for a cup of coffee in one of my favorite mugs and my warm home. A cup of coffee, tea or hot lemon water, which ever is your preference, is not something that is a privilege to everyone. I do not take this for granted and feel that it is necessary to consider everything big or small with a grateful heart. Today I am grateful for my coffee as I sit writing this post with the bright sunshine warming my home. This routine seem to set my day off on the right foot and allow me to focus on the next task creating the items on my daily to do list.

I would love to hear about your routine or have you set a goal to start one. Please feel free to comment below. Enjoy your day.  😀 

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