Data Is A Hot Mess

My Data Is A Hot Mess! | Ugh, Now What Should I Do?

My data is a hot mess!

Data Is A Hot MessHave you heard yourself say “My data is a hot mess!”. If your data is a hot mess you are potentially wasting your money. Did you know that most email marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software companies charge by the number of records you have in your database?


Each person that you have in your database will take up one record. If you have prospects or clients that are taking up multiple records this could be costing you hundreds of dollars. Considering merging these records.

Broken record alert

I like clean data so I preach about this a lot! Clean data is important to your overall marketing plan. If your information is not correct in your CRM what is the point?

Now that you have figured out that your data is a hot mess what is next?

Figure out your policies

It is critical that you figure out your policies about data.  Do you want to end up again in the same situation in a few short years? Again with half the data containing incomplete information or hundreds of duplicate records. Look at an individual contact record. What information would you like to have in the database? A prospect may only contain a first name and email address, that’s okay. Once you convert them to a customer you can fill in all the information. What type and how do you want the data. One example, how would you like state data to be entered written out or abbreviated.Preview

Clean your Data

How you clean your data will depend on the tools your software company offers. I am going to use the example of Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft has a number of tools under the Admin panel that allows for you to clean up your data.

  • Modify Existing Records: This will let you import a csv file to update the existing records in Infusionsoft. You will need to know the corresponding Infusionsoft Ids. This is the unique number assigned to each record in your database.
  • Check for Duplicate Contact Records: This will let you find any duplicate contact records you have in your database.
  • View Duplicate Contact Records: View a list of contact records they consider to be duplicated. This would be a great place to start to find out if your database is a hot mess.
  • Merge Duplicate Contact Records by Overwriting Old Data With New Data: This will overwrite the older data with the newest data. The older data will be gone.
  • Merge Duplicate Contact Records By only Adding New Data, Not Overwriting the Old Data: This will add the new data that isn’t already in the duplicate contact record.
  • Look at previous imports: View, export or rollback records. Like if you accidently brought in the same list twice. This feature may be helpful.

I hope that you found this helpful and informative. Did I give you anything to think about?

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Please reach out to me with any questions you may have. Always happy to help.

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