Dirty Data? Clean It Up | Help with Infusionsoft

Dirty Data? Clean It Up|Help With Infusionsoft

Dirty Data? Clean It Up

Have you taken a look at your data within Infusionsoft? Or any CRM for the matter. Is your data dirty? Do you need to schedule time and Clean It Up? Have you been working hard to grow your email list and now have no idea what your actual data looks like? Are your duplicate contacts pushing you into a higher priced plan? These are just a few questions that you should ask yourself.

Dirty Data?

How can you tell if your data is dirty? Analyze your data and find out if you have some duplicate records. Did people sign up for many opt-ins? Have you imported multiple lists and contacts are on the list more than once? Personally, I’ve signed up for a few different opt-in, and I’ll get multiple emails, something was not set up right in the campaign. It happens, but it’s better that you caught it before your prospect gets frustrated and unsubscribes.

I may be just a little over the top with dirty data. However, if I may justify myself the first software company I worked for was a data quality company. Clean it up, is something I have engraved in my brain. When it comes down to marketing if your list has junk your marketing efforts will be junk too.

Clean it up

Cleaning up the duplicate contact is easy peasy. It’ll just take time. (LOL, yes I just said the magic word time.) Infusionsoft has an excellent Data Clean Up Tool. Here is a couple of screenshot for you.


  • Under Admin menu select Data Clean Up
  • Check for Duplicate Contact Records
  • Intro to Duplicate Checking Window Open
  • Choose Who to Check

Have you done this before? If not, you’ll want to check all your records. Just be prepared that this could take awhile.

  • I’m choosing to check that records that haven’t already been marked
  • Select Check Logic – it’s okay to leave these defaulted
  • Next is the deduping process
  • Your action has completed!
  • I’m going to view the list of contact records that are considered duplicates because I want to see them. You may just want to merge the records.
  • Please Remember to Merge the records and not delete the records. Plus keep all the records do not overwrite.

The Infusionsoft Help Center has wonder documentation if you haven’t already checkout out the information!

Not enough time to do this yourself? Here is a link to services:

Miss Task Services | Infusionsoft Packages

Infusionsoft Services Offered By Miss Task Virtual Services

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