Do you have tired eyes?

Do you have tired eyes?

By the end of your work day do you have tired eyes? Are your eyes dry, sore and have difficulty focusing? Do you have a headache?  These are symptoms of digital eye strain.

Yup, I had digital eye strain

If you answer yes to any of the above that you could be experiencing digital eye strain. This is caused by overexposure to blue light from our digital devices. I am guessing like me not sitting in front of a computer all day is not an option.

Enter Research Mode Here

Did you know you can purchase computer glasses that reduce the blue light exposure from your digital devices? Up until a month ago me neither!

I came across these gems on Amazon. I did not even give it a second thought I ordered them immediately.

Can you say life changing

These glasses have made a huge difference for me. ((Insert little dance party here)) In the evening my eyes do not feel tired and dry. Nor does my vision seem hazy any longer. My eyes are not tired in the evening and my vision does not seem as blurry as it was in the past.

Here is a bit of my research if you would like to check it out:

Article One: Blue Light – It’s Both Bad and Good for you from All About Vision

This had a ton of great information in it. It explains why blue light is needed and why too much of it is bad for our eyes.

Article Two: Blue Light and Your Eyes from Prevent Blindness

This article gives a list of what you can do to protect your eyes from blue light.

I did read through a few others, but I found the most information in the two articles above.

These are the glasses I purchased from Amazon!

Psst, It is an afflicate link, but don’t worry using it will not cost you anything additional!

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