Don’t want to do this

Don’t Want To Do This

Don't Want To Do This | Miss Task Yep, I am going to flat-out admit that I don’t want to do this. By this I mean write a blog post. Do you ever get like that? I had a topic planned for this week. Then, I had a number of topics that I tossed around writing about this week. Not one of them seemed very excited to me.

I have written for 30 minutes a day during the week. Which was the intention that I set at the beginning of the year. I feel comfortable writing.

What do you do?

Seriously, I would love to hear your tricks. Please put them in the comments below. When no matter what you say to yourself, you’re still not feeling it?

Do you look for topics that are of more interesting to write about? I reviewed by brainstorm list of topics and added more to the list. Still same feelings.

Is it better to…

Write about something that you are not excited to write about? Attempted this and I found all types of other things to do instead.

Then I did the following activities in attempt to motivate myself into writing about a great topic this week.

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Tapping

While I felt awesome after the above activities still did not generate any motivational energy to write a how to blog post.

So this week, this is my topic. Strange as it is. I did not find anything else to do, I wrote about my struggle. These words flowed out of me.

Do you think it is because I am writing in my journal and getting comfortable with writing about how I am feeling?

This post has done one thing forsure. I feel better that I did not force myself to write a blog just because it was on the plan. Instead I allowed myself to be spontaneous. It feels pretty good to fly by the seat of my pants.   😆


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