Email Marketing Done Simple | ConvertKit

Email Marketing Done Simple | ConvertKit

Email Marketing Done Simple

Are you looking for a tool for your email marketing? Email marketing done simple? ConvertKit is a Email Marketing Done Simple | ConvertKitgreat tool for your email marketing adventures.

Let me tell you why!

They have responsive opt-in forms! With mobile and tablets the primary devices for viewing the internet, this is a very big deal.

Opt-In form are perfect for giving a gift for subscribing!

Are you a WordPress User?

ConvertKit has a WordPress Plugin to easily add a form to your blog post! This allows you to create different calls to action for each post! Why is this important, it will help with those higher conversion rates.

Create a Landing Page!

They really keep this one simple for the user.

  • Choose from three different landing pages to designs.
  • Use the visual editor to design a landing page with customized text and colors!
  • Familiar with CSS? You can write about any change with the custom CSS feature.

ConvertKit will host your landing page for you or get it on your own domain with the WordPress plugin.

Want, to send out emails to your subscribers?

  • Using Broadcasts lets you send out the email to your list.
  • Send to everyone or just a particular group with segments.
  • Once you create the segment, you are able to save it for the future
  • Or do you want to let interested subscribers know that your course is going on sale? It will let you segment out the subscribers that have already purchased the product.
  • Customize your messages so that it is personalized for every subscriber!
  • Save your templates to brand your look to subscribers.

Set it and Forget It

With the Sequence functionality, you can set it and forget it! A visitor signs up for your Tips and Tricks.

  • Sequences let you selection the new of emails you would like to send out.
  • The amount of time between your emails
  • Add a file for download to right to the email

If the above features were not enough to hook ya. ConvertKit has an automation functionality! Email Marketing done simple.

  • This is marketing automation at it finest!
  • Use it when they subscribe to a new form
  • Purchase a Product
  • Complete a Course
  • ConvertKit gives you a number of different blueprints to take the scary out of marketing automation.

Psst…ConvertKit also have a number of integrations to make this all even simpler.

Check them out here!

Check out my services for ConvertKit here.

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