Get Organized with Google Calendar

Get Organized With Google Calendar

Get Organized With Google Calendar

Have you every said “Oh no we are missing someone”

Get Organized with Google CalendarAre you struggling to keep track of when your family is coming and going? Do you need to get back to people because you forgot the dang calendar at home again? Time to get organized with Google Calendar.

Productivity Tool Of Choice

Google Calendar has been my go-to for years! It keeps the family organized and on the same page. With three healthy active children along with a growing business, Google Calendar lets me stay on top of everything.

Time to Get Organized with Google Calendar

Every family member has a calendar within my personal google account. When you are chasing three kids, parents do not always remember to communicate all the playdates and activities they are scheduled for. Sharing a calendar keeps us all on the same page. The calendar is color coded by favorite colors so that I can easily see who’s doing what and when. Here is an example from one day next week.

Get Organized With Google Calendar Example

These days everyone has a device, with access to add, write and view the family calendar. While my oldest is the best at adding and checking everyone schedules the other two not so much.

Create one for yourself

If you have a google account you have access to google calendar. This is how you can set it up…

Once you have logged into google calendar, go to the icon in the right-hand corner. It looks like a gear or you could say a flower 😉

  • Looking for settings
  • Under settings select calendars
  • You should see a button that says create calendar
  • Give permission to view and edit to anyone that needs access

Able to import

Another great feature to google calendar is you are able to import a .csv file. They give directions on what the heading of the spreadsheet needs to be in order to import into the calendar correctly.

If have a schedule in excel you can change it easily to a .csv file. Or it could be easier to just fill in the spreadsheet than to go to each and every day in the calendar if you have a number of appointments to add. This is how I add the schedule for our sporting activities. When I have a number of them that need to be added all at once, practice schedules along with games.

For Business To

I keep all my schedule for business in google too. Now, this is a separate google calendar. I have this connected to Calendly! Which I love because it allows the visitor to my website to quickly and easily set up a discovery call with me. I will write about Calendly in the future. It’s on my list!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help you set one up for yourself.

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