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Tools I Use | Google Docs & Sheets

Google Documents and Sheets are an awesome way to share and

Google Docs & Sheets - Tools That I Use - Miss Task

Google Documents & Sheets is a Tool I Use with my clients to view and edit documents and spreadsheet.

edit documents and spreadsheets with a few people or a lot of people.

Google Documents is word processing. This is great for writing and sharing articles with a team. When sharing the document the option is given as to the level you would like to share. If you would like them to have view only or view/edit.

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet with formulas. Utilize sheets for electronic sign-up if you would like to give a validated list of items the are able to select from. Personally, this is great for carpooling sign up for the kids.  🙂

Document and Sheets both have the edit tracking. In the sidebar, you are able to see the changes made and by whom. If you’re in charge of a sign-up sheet try it out! It is real-time, allowing for everyone to stay on the same page.

I like to Share

Do you follow me on social media? If you do I share a ton of articles that I come across. I set aside time every morning to read through the information that I find interesting and beneficial. I read the blog posts of all the software application that I support, keeping everyone up to date on changes.


Speaking of changes MailChimp has been busy adding features! In the blog post that they shared on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, they highlight these features.

  • Campaign URL customization
  • An intuitive content manager
  • Intent-based templates

Late in 2016, I did a series on MailChimp.

This is an awesome resource

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