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Just Start

Just Start

Get writing this is what I have been telling myself all week. Just start and an idea will come to you. I sit down and still I am not getting any grand ideas to write about this week on the blog. Do you run into those road blocks? If so, how do you overcome them?

I repeat to myself, just start and the rest will follow. But the very next thought is Oh, but I really should  ____.

Procrastinate, me?

What is your go to method? Just start or do you procrastinate until it is way to close to the deadline or past the deadline?

We all have ways of handling these situation and some better than others. How do we grow out of these habits that get the best for us?

How do I force my mind to just start when I do not want to get going?

It’s not that I procrastinate on much, but writing is one of those things that I can find something better to do. I will believe whatever I tell myself right? If I listen to that voice that says this can wait, I would never have a word written.

Shh.. Procrastination voice

What did I do to overcome the procrastination voice. I instead listened to the voice that was telling me to just sit down and do it. I made it a bit easier by setting a timer for 10 minutes. Typing whatever came out of my head. Easing into this and setting the timer helped to stop my feeling of overwhelm that was causing my procrastination. It just started with 10 minutes to see what would come out. If I am not a fan of what I wrote, whatever it was 10 minutes I got this. Besides that is be better than staring at a computer screen for an hour.

It’s okay

When it comes down to it, I give myself permission to do this once in a while. Not day in and day out. Boy, I won’t get anything done if I listened to my procrastination voice creating the schedule. Next, to try the 10 minute timer on, oh yes the list of all the things I need to get done around the house.

What’s on the List?

I knew you were curious, here is a little snippet.

  • Make rhubarb strawberry freezer jam
  • Make Quinoa Side Dish
  • Find healthy recipes my family will eat
  • Organize my house – yup this is a biggie
  • Add kids fall activities into the google calendar
  • Take time to read 30 minutes a day (for fun)
  • Make overnight oatmeal
  • Begin a morning yoga routine (Woot, this one I actually started, check it out Sarah Beth Yoga)

Hmm, how many of these can I get done in 10 minutes and which ones could be delegating to the kids.

Enjoy your day!

Remember you really should share!

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