Are you keeping up with the WordPress updates?

Are you keeping up with WordPress updates? Are you keeping up with the WordPress updates?

WordPress has released two important updates in the last few weeks. Are you keeping up with the WordPress updates? With some much items that need to be completed every day, it is difficult to get it all in. While updating may not take a substantial amount of time, it is still another item that you need to find time for.

It can be overwhelming when your task list seems to be longer than the lines in your planner. Pushing tasks to the next day is not always an option either.

Why is it important?

4.7.1 is a security release for all earlier version and WordPress highly encourages you to update. If you have not yet updated to 4.7.1 go ahead and go to 4.7.2 release. 4.7.2 is a security release that was not in 4.7.1. That will save a little extra time. Always make sure to backup your website before you apply any updates.

Keeping up to date with WordPress updates does take time. Especially if this is not your area of interest.

Never heard of WordPress before?

If your primary job is not to work with websites, I am not at all surprised that you have not heard of WordPress. WordPress started out in 2003 as a blogging system and has grown into a full-blown Content Management System used by millions of sites. WordPress has endless plugins, widgets, and themes to choose from.

WordPress Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Are you interested in downloading my WordPress Monthly Maintenance checklist? Sign up and receive a free PDF copy.


I hope that you find this checklist helpful, let me know if you have items that you complete that are not on this list. This checklist is ever-changing to keep up with the consent changes of WordPress.

Do you have a system in place? If so, tell me about it below in the comment section.

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