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Leadboxes | Leadlinks | Leaddigits

Leadboxes|Leadlinks|LeaddigitsLeadboxes, Leadlinks, Leaddigits ~ Oh My! For some reason anytime I say these three words together it comes to me like Lions and Tigers and Bear, Oh My from the Wizard of Oz. I know strange.
Leadboxes, Leadlinks, and Leaddigits will be the very last segment in the Leadpages series. Are you ready?


Have you been on a website and you receive a pop-up box asking you to sign up for an opt-in? That would be an example of a Leadbox.

They are very simple to create. Below is a screenshot of the one that I set up with descriptions of the sections.

On the left-hand side in the Leadbox set up page, are the options to configure the Leadbox. Click each hyperlink and enter in the information, it really is that easy. Confirm that you have it set up to gather the lead information, this is the integration setting. If you have not set up an integration you can have them emailed to you. Remember Leadpages does not save the data it only gathers the data. Instead, they offer a number of third party software to save the lead information. For me I picked MailChimp. As I mention above, here is the example with a few notes on where to change the sections.

Show and example and give description of the leadbox


Leadlinks give you a link that can be added to an email. With only a few steps to complete it gives you the link that can be added to an email that you are sending or maybe an affiliate. Let them know that they will be enrolled by clicking on the link.


Have you ever opted-in with a texting a number on your phone? That is exactly what Leaddigits does. Set up a special number with an opted-in number or phrase, for example, STOCKPHOTO. I would text 44222 STOCKPHOTO. It would send back a text asking for an email address to have the opt-in sent directly to their inbox.

I hope that you have found this value and a quick read. If you missed my giveaway last week, here it is again.

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