Let’s Get Started With Leadpages

Let’s Get Started With Leadpages

Let's Get Started With LeadpagesHey, Goal Crusher are you ready for another series? Let’s get started with Leadpages. Leadpages is a landing page software solution. I am guessing that you are already familiar with landing pages, if not check out my earlier post on What is a Landing Page.

Leadpages is an online software tool that allows you to create awesome looking landing pages.

In addition to pages, Leadpages also offers pop-up forms, social media links, text messages and email links. It is a simple interface that lets you collect lead and customer contact information.

Integration is Key

Integration is key with Leadpages as it does not store data it only gathers data. Leadpages offers a number of third-party software integrations that they have already established in the account settings. They integrate with third-party software companies that offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Marketing, and Webinars. Leadpages also provides an option for Other software, however, it comes with a warning that it may not work.

On a Side Note

If you followed me last month I discussed email marketing with MailChimp.  MailChimp is one of the integrations that Leadpages offers.

Gather, Not Hold?

Let’s step back to a point I mentioned above. What does it mean to only gather information and not hold information? Have you signed up to attend a webinar before? Leadpages was possibly the software used for you to type in your contact information to register for the webinar. Leadpages is gathering it all up. It would be the integration in the background to the webinar program or email marketing software that would actually store or save and hold your contact information.

Bit by Bit

We will tackle Leadpages in bite size pieces. Because I assume that everyone is similar to myself and 300 words are all that I can take in.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. See you next week.

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