Would you like a calendar to print for November?

Would you like a calendar to print for November?

Turkey for calendar for November

November Planning

Hey! Thought I would share the calendar that I created for November! Page one is the calendar with different dates you’ll want to remember. Hello National Donut Day! It also has a little spot to write your vision to keep it front and center!


Page two is for a little planning!

Remind Me Please!

Those important birthdays or appointments that you must remember.


What key projects are you going to focus on in November? Take some time to plan out reasonable goals that are achievable. Keep in mind that we have a holiday at the end of the month. So often we begin November and forget that about a whole week is vacation mode for most people.

Must Do

What task must you do no matter what in November? A long task list is overwhelming. Keep it simple! The longer I run a business the more I understand that keeping things simple is the best. Things pop up during the month that will take your time. It’s best to keep those must-do tasks ones that are revenue generating.

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What are you thankful for this month? November is a month for reflection and giving.  Write it down in the little heart.  😉

Habit Tracker

Rounded this out with a habit tracker!

The three things that I track:

  • Water – did I drink a minimum of two quarts of water each day
  • Yoga – did I get in at least 15 minutes of yoga
  • Meditation – did I get in at least a 10-minute meditation

These are my three habits that I like to track, the font color is very light so you can write over it and make it your own.

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