Look at Dropbox

Look at DropboxLook at Dropbox

Do you want to look at Dropbox with me today? Of course you do why else would you be reading this. Let’s cover the basics first.

What is Dropbox?

Simply it is a place to save all my files whether they be documents, spreadsheet or photos. These files are saved securely by Dropbox and available to me when I need them. Look at Dropbox site, if you would like a little more information explaining Dropbox. Check out this link.

Is your next question are they really safe and secure?

Dropbox use multiple levels of security to protect your files. If you would like to know the specifics you can look at Dropbox site here.

Why Use Dropbox?

Ease of use is one great reason. Another is I am able to reach my files from anywhere or any device that I am using phone, tablet or computer. This means if I was in the unfortunate event that my computer crashes I am not going to loss all my hard work. Again I am going to direct you to look at Dropbox for more information. Here is the link.

Sharing Files with Dropbox

Sharing with others is straightforward. I am able to send links for easy viewing by others. Or you can share a folder and work together.

Now that I have the basics done I am going to run through an example of how I use it. This will show how it will help your productivity personally and professional.

Let’s say I am working on a project for a client and need to track my hours. I can create a spreadsheet  for easy tracking. I begin working on this project at my desk and document my time.

Later I am out and about and need to look at my spreadsheet to add time from a meeting I attended. I can do this two ways. I am able to open up my spreadsheet from Dropbox or I am able to open my spreadsheet software application and access the spreadsheet from Dropbox. (Please note you will need to have the same software application across different devices for compatibility.)

It’s a different day and I am working on my project again. I have tracked my time and need to enter it into my spreadsheet. I add this new time and share the spreadsheet for review by my client. Sending them a link to look at my file in Dropbox. Here is a quick video, hope you find it helpful.

Here is a Link for Dropbox Refer a Friend, if you would like to open your own Dropbox.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day.

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