MailChimp|Starting With A List

MailChimp | Starting With A List

Hey Goal Crushers ,

I am going to begin breaking down MailChimp into little pieces. If you are new to MailChimp or need a little help this will be the place for you. MailChimp | Starting With A List will be our topic.

Starting With A List

  • What are Lists
  • How you create a list


MailChimp|Starting with a ListWhat are Lists?

Depending on what software you are using a list can be many things. With MailChimp, it is a group of people or contacts that have subscribed to receive information from you.
I promise to try and not sound like a broken record. However, It is extremely important to make sure that you have a clean and tidy list for your email marketing! If you need a refresher on email marketing, please check out my earlier post about MailChimp Email Marketing. (:

How you create a list?

Creating the list is the easy part, figuring out if you need more than a master list will take some thinking through.

At the top menu select Lists, next select the create list button on the screen. MailChimp will ask if you really would like to create a list or would you like to create a group. I will get into groups and segments in another post.

Next you will need to fill out the List Details. Couple things here. Make sure that you are very descriptive with the List Name. With the from email address use something like vs your general email box.

MailChimp does recommend that you keep one master list, as they consider lists separate. For example, if Sally Active is on three lists in your database she will count as three subscribers. MailChimp fee structure is based on your total subscriber across all your lists. Make sense?

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