MailChimp | Templates

MailChimp | Templates

Mailchimp|Template Post PictureHey Goal Crushers!

We are working our way through the MailChimp, email marketing software. We have already covered lists, groups and segments.  In this post, let’s discuss templates. The template is how you would like your email to look to your subscribers. By creating templates you are able to reuse them with different campaigns.

Templates are found, well under the template menu. Yup, I was trying to be funny did it work? Did you laugh? Select Create Templates on the right hand side. Once in templates you have a few different options to choose from; basic, themes or code your own.


This gives you the shell and you’re able to make the template your own and following your branding. I like to start with the basic and play around with layouts.

This is pretty simple as you can drag and drop, however you need to have the time and patience for this sort of thing. Psst, set a timer and make sure you are staying within your time allowed.

Another bonus MailChimp did introduced web fonts. Who doesn’t like fun new options. Woot. You can read about it here in the post that Mailchimp did on introducing web fonts.


With themes they have these in categories to what your business type is or what you are sending out.

Here are a few examples

  • e-commerce
  • notifications
  • holidays
  • newsletters


These are beautiful predesigned email that allow you to add your content and send. They have the drag and drop feature just like the basic template. If you aren’t wanting to spend a ton of time and still have a stunning professional campaign.

Code Your Own

If you really like to code this is the template for you! Code  your own with HTML and CSS utilizing MailChimp’s template language.

Not sure which one is best for you?

In the knowledge base they have a handy dandy little chart to help you figure it out. 

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