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Creating a Campaign with MailChimpMailChimp|Working In Campaigns

In MailChimp a Campaign is simply sending out an email to your subscribers.

All email marketing software have a different name for sending out an email newsletter. In MailChimp it is a Campaign.

In order to send a Campaign a user will need to have Author level or higher access. Let’s briefly touch on users. If you would like to have someone else be a user of your MailChimp account, invite them. Users are found under the drop down menu on the top right of the page under your account name. The users menu will be under Account, and the settings drop down menu. The options for users are Viewers, Author, Manager, Admin.

Diving into Campaigns

Open up campaigns from the menu bar. Click Create Campaign in the upper-right corner of the screen. The options for Campaigns are Regular, Plain-Text, A/B Testing and RSS.

Clicking on Campaign will create a regular campaign. Select the drop-down arrow to select one of the other options.

Campaign will start with a template, they are the layout. We covered templates in the prior post. Templates are reusable layouts that you design and use when creating campaigns. The campaign is the content.

The Campaign builder will walk you through the entire setup of your campaign. The flow for a regular campaign is:

  • Pick your list. Either the whole list or a pre-selected segment, group or create a new segment. We discussed Groups and Segment in post two.
  • Next is the Setup. Fill out this information, it is optional to personalize the “To” field. I like to see my name in the to field, how about you?  Once this is all filled in move on to the next section. Look to the bottom of the page for the Campaign Builder to walk you through to the next step in the campaign setup.
  • The Setup is followed by the template. If you have a pre-designed template use it now, if not you can build one. Once you have the template then it is time to design your message and add content. Make sure to test everything because you sent your campaign!

This is one that I created for my MailChimp Series:

MailChimp Campaign Example

How did your campaign do?

Let the Campaign do it thing for a few days before you check the performance.

The overview tab will have the most information. Look at your open rate, this is how many people opened your email. Did you put any link in the email? If so, check your Click Rate. This is how many people clicked the link in the email.

If you would like to test out different subject lines, this is where the A/B Split Campaign comes in!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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