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Hey Goal Crushers, in the previous post we discussed creating a list within MailChimp. In this post we are going to discuss Groups and Segments.


Groups allow you to take one list and organize the subscribers by what they are most interested in. If you think of your list as a drawer in a file cabinet the groups would be the hanging folders.  Easy enough?

Why should you use groups?

When using group you can have one master list and organize your subscribers with groups that they are interest in. This is a benefit because MailChimp pricing is not based on unique subscribers, but the total number of subscribers. Let’s say you have four lists and Sally Active is on three of those list. Sally will count as three subscribers, not one. See the benefit that groups can offer to your pocketbook.

An advantage to a group is that you are able to send your subscribers what they are most interested in. Let’s say you have an organic food prep company. You send out tip, tricks and recipes to your subscribers. When Sally Active signed up for your quick and easy meal prep ebook. She indicated on the opt in form she was most interested in receiving family friendly meal ideas. Now you are able to send to Sally your food prep plans specific to families.

How do subscribers get into groups? This can be done by importing to specific groups, manually adding or providing the options on the opt in form for your subscriber to select.

Moving on to Segments

Segments can be found under manage subscribers within your list. Segments allow you to filter your subscribers based on preferences.

Standard segments can contain up to five filters or conditions. How could you use segments to market to a group of subscribers?

Using the example on the quick and easy meal prep group. You have created a new ebook of quick and easy meals all families will love.

With segments you are able to filter groups to send the announcement out to your most engaged subscribers. This is done by applying the filter with member rating over 5 stars.

Maybe you would like to send out a second email to subscribers that are in the family friendly meals idea group, that haven’t been very engaged. Make sure to select that you want to match all so that it matches both the conditions. Add the condition for the date range and the condition for member rating under 3 stars.

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