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Automation is a sequence of emails that send once triggered by an event.MailChimp|Automation Blog Post

For example, Sally Active signs up for a series on yoga and creating healthy habits. When Sally signs up it triggers the MailChimp Automation. The first email in the series is a welcome email explaining the series and what she can expect along with the first course and a healthy habits tip. With Automation it will allow for the email series to be delivered based on the pre-determined schedule that was set when the workflow was created.

Different from Campaigns

Automation is different from campaigns as the first email is sent when triggered. Sally Active set off the trigger by signing up for the series. According to the Automation she will receive a new course and healthy habits tip every three days. The series has a total of five emails.


Various different workflows can be created with Automation such as after a purchase, signing up for an opt-in or clicked a link in a campaign that was received. Automation is simply a workflow. MailChimp does all the administration of your emails with Automation.

Workflow is the actual process with the schedule, triggers and emails. They have different pre-defined automation to help you set these up. Automation is a great tool because you are able to set up the number of emails and when they should be sent. As I mention before Sally Active signed up for a series on yoga and healthy habits. According to the workflow Sally will get an email when she signs up, the second will arrive in her inbox five days after Sally receives her welcome email. The Automation can be set up with one email or multiple emails.

It may be good to familiarize yourself with the terminology associated with Automation. Check out the definitions at the knowledge base for MailChimp.

Automation will help save time and streamline your processes, along with engaging with your subscribers. Automation is part of a series on MailChimp. Next week will be the last week with Reporting.

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