My Personal Best Productivity Practices

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My Personal Best Productivity Practices

These are my personal best productivity practices. #1 do not be driven by email

I won’t lie I’m a sucker when it comes to articles on productivity. I’m sucked in like a vacuum. I have a pretty solid productivity practices in place. However, productivity is a skill that I am working on fine tuning all the time.

When you work as a virtual assistant, it is imperative that your day is productive. When I am balancing my business and the work for other companies, it crucial that I stay on my game regarding my productivity.

Personal Best

Here are a few of my personal best productivity practices that I use on the daily. How many of these do you use?

Check email only 3 times daily

I only check my email three times a day. Morning, Afternoon and end of the day when I am planning for the next day. To avoid distracting incoming notification, I close my email. Trust me I struggle with it, but I do it anyway. I’ve previously talked about inbox zero, each time my inbox is zero when I sign out.

Work on one task at a time

I stay focused on only one task. It’s vital to me that my clients get every cent’s worth. I do not bounce back and forth. I focus on one project at a time.

Get a timer

I set a timer. Some days I am laser focused, and I can put my head down for 50 minutes at a time with only a 5-minute break. But hey, I am a mother of three extremely active children. Depending on how much we had to go to the evening before I may not have the same focus. You know what that’s okay. On those days I keep my sprints shorter and do not work as long. They may only be 25 minutes with 5 minutes off.

Schedule it

My Personal Best Productivity Practices

An example of how a page is laid out in my bullet journal.

I schedule everything in my day and leave open time for the unexpected. Because I know that I will have the unexpected come up, that is a given. When I am lucky, and nothing comes up, bet you’re not surprised that I can find something to fill that time.

What are your personal best productivity practices? Tell me about them in the comment section below.

Psst… I use a system of Google calendar, teamwork and my bullet journal on the daily. For fun, I created this example bullet journal page.

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