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OMG, Why do I have so much stuff?So Much Stuff

Oh my goodness, why and where did I end up with so much stuff around my house. Okay, I kind of know. With my previous sales job, I was on the road a lot. If I was not out with co-workers or clients I would spend a few hours shopping to give myself a break before I faced my email that gathered all day.

Now that I have a career where I work out of my home, I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I have gathered over the years. Last year I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. I happened to have a free weekend and started with purging my closet. That was pretty much where it ended.

So here I am a year later ready to throw everything in the front yard and start a fire. I am at a crossroad of what I need and what I purge.

Anytime I am at an impasse I go into research mode. The internet is a great tool for that. Let me share a bit of my research.

This is what I found interesting

Time Management Ninja has hit the nail on the head with his article 10 Reasons You Have Too Much Clutter. I keep things because I may need it someday or I have some emotional attachment. But, the big one for me is I may find a use for it in the future.

The Small Things talks about organization versus clutter. I could totally relate because she has the same mindset for 2017. Purge, purge, purge

I Heart Frugal gives Useful Tips To Decluttering Your Home. She saying “Having a clean house helps you have a clean mind.” I agree with this 100%.

Dr. Christiane Northrup has a great article on Heal Your Life. She also refers to Marie Kondo book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. Here are a few of my favorite points:

  • Possessions carry emotional energy and constantly talk to you, so you want to let go of objects that you don’t love, even if they’re practical.
  • In addition, piles of stuff in your home are one of the greatest stress triggers. Clutter literally increases your cortisol level!
  • Take in how good you feel. When you’ve finished throwing out what you no longer love.

I read a number of other articles. Can you say total procrastination to writing this blog?  😯

Please feel free to leave your so much stuff struggles below in the comments!

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