Pretty Stinkin’ Excited

Pretty Stinkin’ Excited

This week I am pretty stinkin’ excited. I finished with my Infusionsoft basics course. Call me strange, pretty sure some do. But I L-O-V-E Pretty Stinkin' Excited |InfusionsoftCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. With a previous background in sales and marketing I understand that a CRM is the life blood of a company. This contains the important customer and lead information, along with the communication that is key to the success of a business. Didn’t matter the CRM software, I made it my mission to be a power use. I read through the manual, yup I’ve heard that few read the manuals. During training I was able to retain the information quickly and easily. To be able to offer Infusionsoft services to my customer base it pretty stinkin’ exciting for me.

Are you familiar?

Not sure how familiar you are with Infusionsoft, quick run down. As I said before this is a CRM software. It’s geared towards small businesses generally up to 25 employees. This software allows you to keep track of the leads and customers information that is coming in to your business. This could be through your website, trade show, phone call or an email. However information comes in, it has a place in the CRM.

Anyone for Tag?

In my opinion, a very important feature is that you can TAG contacts. For example, a new lead finds your website and signs up for your Newsletter. Infusionsoft has the capability to set up an automated workflow. (This equals time savings.) This lead could automatically be set up with a tag of Newsletter. The Tag is how you handle your marketing. Customers or leads will have multiple tags depending on what they have signed up for or purchased.

Here is an example…

Now lets say you sells business coaching packages and a new lead signed up for your freemium on time management. You would tag with time management freemium. Now you know that they are interested in time management. In the future, if you come out with a new course offering on time management you can select all the contacts that have signed up for your time management freemium and market to them. This would be marketing to a warm lead, maybe with a little extra something special to hook them. Pretty slick. A word of caution, make sure that you are careful when setting up these tags! They need to have meaning to work properly.

Here’s a warning,  I am getting on a soap box.

Another thing that you need to pay attention too with any CRM is the data quality. This is HUGE! I can not stress this enough. Why… because garbage in, garbage out. Do you really want to send out an email to a client or lead with a misspelled names. Or send them the same mailing three and four times because they have multiple records in your database. It is very critical to set up business rules before implementing the system. You may not feel the pain immediately, but you will. Trust me on this one. If you do not have rules in place, you will end up with a bunch of dirty data. I love me some clean data!

What’s next?

Moving on to the Advanced Infusionsoft courses! I am sure I will binge watch the classes, kind of like OITNB.

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