Electronic Signing | Disorganized & Inefficient Around Paperwork Signing

Sign Now | Electronic Signing

Sign Now | Electronic Signing

Do you feel disorganized and inefficient when it come to getting signatures? Would you like to have faster turn around times on receiving signed paperwork and have an easy way to track who has signed? Are you using an electronic signing software?

Time to get organized!

Get organized and efficient with Sign Now cloud-based electronic signing. If you are an online business you may already be utilizing a cloud-based electronic signature capture. If you are using paper contracts, Sign Now may be what you are looking for to get organized and eliminate the paper.

Electronic Signing | Disorganized & Inefficient Around Paperwork SigningSign Now has a bucket full of features! These are a few I would like to highlight.


Templates allow a user to upload a document and create a template for quick reuse. There is also no limit to the number of templates that you can create! More on how to you use templates at Sign Now.

Cloud Storage!

They provide the option to export and archive all documents into a cloud storage service. As of now, they offer Box, Google Drive and Onedrive for Business. More on using cloud storage at Sign Now.  


Asking for signature is simple. Use the template, add an email address and select the fields that you would like to have filled out. For your own signature, you can either upload a picture of your signature or electronic sign.

They have apps!

They have apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android! I am an iOS user so I am not able to speak to the Android app, but I utilize the app on my iPhone and iPad!

Kiosk Mode for iPad with Sign Now App

Do you need to have the option for clients to sign at the office? Kiosk Mode for iPad will let you do this with the Sign Now app. More on using Kiosk Mode at Sign Now.

Tool I Use

Sign Now is a tool that I use with my business! As with everything I did a ton of research on customer satisfaction and features before I committed to Sign Now. If you need an electronic signing software, below is a referral link!
Sign Now Referral

Do you need help setting it up? I would love to help you out! Check out my calendar and schedule a time with me!Book Now

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