Still Loving my Bullet Journal

Still Loving my Bullet Journal

I began my journey with Bullet Journal on Friday, June 10, 2016. Tomorrow it will be three months, I am still Loving my Bullet Journal! What is magical about three months?  Before you decide if this system is right for you, it should be utilized for three months. Bingo!

Why I Am Still Loving my Bullet Journal: Reason #1

It is a little different from a planner. With a planner everything is already set for you and you are just adding information. With a bullet journal you actually are able to create the page as you would like too. By creating the pages it gets my creativity flowing. If you google Bullet Journal you will get pages of ideas of what others have done. Some are pieces of art.

Initially, I did not go out and buy a new notebook for my bullet journal. I was ready to start the minute I read the article, therefore I used a notebook that I was already using. Happy that I did this because it gave me a couple of months to experiment with my bullet journal.  I have a pretty good understanding of how I like my daily pages set up. Along with what pages I thought I would used, but actually did not.

Why I Am Still Loving my Bullet Journal: Reason #2

I can change the layout and organization at anytime. Early on I used a weekly set up, now I have gone to more of a daily page. Below is a break down on what I have on my daily pages.

Daily Page Break Down:stilllovebulletjournal

  • Agenda Column from 6 am – 10 pm: It’s my plan or map for the day
  • Task List for Client Focus Items:  What I HAVE to get done
  • Task List for Miss Task Items: What I HAVE to get done for my business.
  • Notes: Open spot to quickly jot something down
  • Social Media: Currently, my focus is Instagram and post Monday-Friday. It is on my list for consistency with Facebook soon. If you haven’t followed me yet you can do so here.
  • H2O Tracking: How much water did I drink today? (My goal is 96 oz)
  • Billable Hours Tracking: Quick note of how many billable hours I had on that day
  • Gratitude: What I am grateful for. (Not going to lie some days this does say coffee or chocolate)
  • Goal: This is a short-term goal. Little step to move my business forward. (I have a whole page on my long-term goals.)
    • Current Goal: Launch Infusionsoft Services by end of September.
  • Quote: A quote that has meaning to me. I really love motivational quotes.
    • Today’s Quote: Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle!
  • “I AM” Statement: A little mantra for the day.
    • Today’s: I AM healthy and happy.
  • “Focus on the Process” : this is a little reminder to focus on the now and to not get overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.
  • “Be Me”: Little reminder that no matter all the feedback that I receive, when it comes down to it I need to be me and make decision on what is best for me.

Why I Am Still Loving my Bullet Journal: Reason #3

If I want to add something new, I just need to turn the page and add it. Record the page number on the Index page. For pages that are referenced often, it will get a tab.

Here is a link to my first post on bullet journal.

As always, please feel free to comment below. Enjoy your day!

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      I think you should I know how much you like to create your lists. (: Just give it three months!

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