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Technology Challenged

Dang, I have to tell you. I am technology challenged today. Yup, just going to straight out admit it. The fact that I am technology challenged is a rare occurrence. Which could be an occupational hazard as a Technical Virtual Assistant. Is there some weird alignment with the planets that is causing technology to be out of sync? Am I just over tired? Geez, no matter what I do it is not working correctly and taking more steps than normal. If I had done these same things yesterday I am pretty confident it would have gone A LOT smoother.

Please tell me you can relate. It does not even have to be with technology, some days even the simple tasks do not flow as easy.

OvercomingTechnology Challenged

To overcome my technology woes I walked away from my desk and went for a refreshing walk to clear my mind. Took in all the beautiful scenery and let my mind wander to anything. Next, I brewed a nice cup of tea and sat down to work on my blog. Because my technology challenge was on top of my mind, it all came spilling out during my non-stop 15 minutes of pure writing. Not sure what I am referring to? Then you must read this post. It explains the best way I have found to write material for my blog.

Why did I take so long?

Why does it take me so long to walk away when I am feeling technology challenged.  Before I gave myself permission to take a break I was rebooting the computer, my phone, researching on the internet. Okay, I am being a bit of a drama queen as it was only a couple hiccups. But, seriously it felt like anything I did turned into a marathon of steps.

Walking away is necessary, but it seems like a person never does that as early as they should. I am certain now that I have given myself a moment; it will all be okay. If not, it’s my sign to close up shop until tomorrow. I am sure everything will be back in alignment. Tough days like these make me appreciate the better days!

Do you have tricks for when you can’t seem to pull it all together? I would love to hear about them, leave a comment below.

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