This is my Why

This Is My Why

On Instagram, I shared “my why”. This is my why to date one of my most challenging items I have shared on social media. It is my why I made the choice to pursue a completely different path than the one I was on earlier to starting Miss Task. Sharing this put me totally out of my comfort zone. Since I am already out of my comfort zone, I may as well go out a little further and share it on my website.

Here it goes

My name is Michele and I am a technical virtual assistant helping coaches, authors, and online business. My Why PhotoA couple of weeks ago I wrote about resolutions or my commitments for 2017. One of my commitments was to write for 30 minutes during the weekdays. The weekends are reserved for my family.

One of my topics that I wrote about was my whys. Why I choose this as the next path in my career. Okay all, stepping out of my comfort zone and going to share a few of those whys with you.

Prior to starting Miss Task, I worked for a corporation. Corporations are great, but I felt it was time for a change. I wanted to personally feel as if I was making an impact on my customers lives. What drives me is: I want to do the very best job I can for each person that I work with. I want to bring a little more joy and a little less stress. I want to help with tasks that give my customers a little more time in the day. To share my knowledge and passion for software. To be a trusted and reliable presence in the day-to-day grind. Because I know I can. Wow, how is that for a list of whys. Would you like to share your why with me?


Remember you really should share!

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