What do you use for cloud storage?

Cloud Storage SolutionWhat do you use for cloud storage

Do you have a preferred cloud storage solution for all your precious digital information? Up until recently, I thought this was something that most individuals or business had in place. However, I have come to find out in the last couple months this is not the case.

What is a cloud storage solution? Cloud storage provides an alternative method to saving files and photos than solely on a phone, tablet or computer.  Why use cloud storage vs a thumb/flash drive or device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, computer)? Utilizing cloud storage frees up the storage on all your devices. Prevents the loss of items should anything unfortunate happen to your device, because we never plan for our phones to take a quick dip in the toilet. Online storage also gives the ability to share access to your files from any device connected to the internet. With the number of smartphone users forecast to reach 2.08 billion in 2016 according to Statista.com this is an option many can take advantage of and should be.

Here are the solutions that I use:

iCloud: iCloud is exclusive to Apple Users (i.e iPhones and Mac computers)

OneDrive: This is a Microsoft cloud storage solution, however it does work with iOS and Mac. This keeps all my files for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in one place that I can get access to for any of my devices.

Dropbox: This works with all device types such as Mac, Windows, iPhones, Android. Dropbox is what I use for my Miss Task files and back ups.

Google Drive: This works with all device types such as Mac, Windows, iPhones, Android. Google Drive is what I use to keep my family organized. You know all those papers that the kids bring home from school that they just can’t part with? Yup, I scan all of those and save them in a folder for each child in Google Drive. By scanning or taking a picture of the art work it can added into a Shutterfly Photo Book with pictures of the current year. Hello recycling bin.

Shutterfly: Shutterfly have a fantastic app that will automatically back up all your photos from your phone! Ordering prints or books is so simple.

Flickr: This is also a great place to back up your photos, because I am not going to have everything printed and wading through too many pictures on Shutterfly makes me cranky.


If you would like to continue reading on this topic here are a couple of options:

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