WordPress is…

WordPress is…

Raise your hand if you have any idea of what WordPress is? WordPress is for easy website creating, just checking did you heard the word easy? WordPress is an Open Source, so you are able to use it without a license fee. Woot! WordPress powers 24% of the websites on the internet, with this percent increasing daily. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that makes website publishing simple. I am not sure about you but I love the word simple when describing the ease of use. We have far too much difficult, it is nice to have a few things be simple.

Still have no idea what I am talking about? I get that too, because I have had many deer in the headlight looks when describing to friends and family what exactly I do with my time.

Content Management System

Let’s start with what is a Content Management System (CMS), this is a user interface that allows users to add, change or remove information on a website without the need to understand the computer language. Are you still with me? A CMS will give you the ability to create a web page or blog post as if you are creating a document. Add text, picture, video to your pages or post quickly and easily.

As I mention earlier you can use WordPress without a license fee, what you do need to invest in will be a web hosting service. I use Blue Host, but I have heard great things about Host Gator. What is a web hosting service. The web host provides the services or web server needed to get your web site on the internet.

This website Miss Task is created with WordPress, but I am sure you already guessed that. I change-up the look of the site with theme, widgets and plugins.

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