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WordPress Monthly Maintenance

Computer with WordPress Monthly MaintenanceWordPress Monthly Maintenance do you have time?

With everything seeming like it is moving at the speed of light, it is difficult to juggle all the demands that we place on ourselves. Most of the time we do not have enough hours in the day to complete the items on the to do list that absolutely need to be done.

Not sure how you feel about this, but waking up in the middle of the night with the urgent thought about an important item that slipped off the list? Not my favorite way to startled myself awake. When this happens I take a note of it and the next day add a reminder to my “Today’s List” and if needed set it up as a recurring reminder to not be forgotten in the future.

Take the time

Keeping up to date with WordPress Monthly Maintenance does take time. Especially if this is not your area of interest or WordPress Monthly Checklist|Miss Taskexpertise. To prevent the monthly maintenance of my WordPress site from slipping off the radar, I created a specific checklist in my task management software with the recurring items to completed. It has three buckets for when I am short on time, have a little more time and have a lot of time. Who am I kidding I never have a lot of time, but I will make time for these items because they are very important for the health of my website.


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I hope that you find this checklist helpful, let me know if you have items that you complete that are not on this list. This checklist is ever-changing to keep up with the consent changes of WordPress.

Do you have a system in place? If so, tell me about it below in the comment section.

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