WordPress Services | Are they Better Outsourced?

WordPress Services

What exactly are WordPress Services. WordPress Services come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on what  you may need help with. Specifically, what I focus on for WordPress Services is helping you keep your website fresh by adding your up to date content, a different theme and the monthly upkeep of the site.

Let’s break them down


Fresh Content


Why is it important to keep the content fresh? Have you found a blog or a website that you felt provided worthy subject matter? Eager on your next visit for new content, but sadly disappointed when nothing new was added. Will you ever return to that site, likely not. Keeping your fans engaged by adding new content is sometime easier said than done.  How much simpler would it be to just type new content in an email along with the page location and when you wanted it added.

Changing Up Your Theme

Want to change the look and flow of your website? You can change the appearance by applying a new theme. With the implementation of  a new theme the content on your site will look different. This is not always a quick process as it does need items set back up again. No worries the previous content will always be available in the database, but it is a guarantee that the menu and widgets will need configuration. Although, it is a fairly straight forward and simple process it does need some time and patience’s.

Monthly Upkeep or Maintenance

This is performing monthly backups. Applying any needed updates to the theme or plugins. Reviewing spam, checking links. You know all those exciting things that I am sure you just L-O-V-E to do. I talk about monthly maintenance here in a previous post.

The Why

Why hire a virtual assistant when you can do the work yourself? Do you enjoy working on your WordPress website or do you find it frustrating? If the answer is pure frustration, your sanity is well worth having someone else do the work.

Would you receive a better Return On Your TimeWordPress Services By Miss Task if you focused your efforts into a different aspect of your business.  Somethings  only you can do for your business.

Did this give you a little food for thought on WordPress Services?

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