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I like to write things down on paper, always have probably always will. I have many different notes books for different types of topics. However recently, I have started to gather an overwhelming amount of notebooks. Maybe because with the end of school and we have an abundance of half used notebooks and I feel as if I need to give them a purpose.

Miss Task Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal

This morning I happen to come across an article in Inc.com located in the Today’s Must Read column. The article is title “Is This the Most Perfect Method for Staying Organized?” of course they had me on the word organized. I am always interested in reading articles or listening to podcasts regarding organization.

I love the concept of the bullet journal. I have tried a number of different planners and systems with none of them feeling just right. With Bullet Journal you utilize a blank canvas with a notebook or journal of your choice. The first two pages represent the Index. This is where you keep track of all the pages and different categories that you can dream up. The Index is followed next by the future log. Here you can divide the two pages into six sections representing the future six months. At the bottom of the page you write the page numbers and log this in the Index! The future log is followed by the monthly log and daily log. As you add pages you designate a page number and record it in the Index. Entries are organized into three categories: Tasks, Events, and Notes.

Tasks are represented by a simple dot “•” ,  Events are represented by a circle “O”, and Notes are represented by a Dash “-“.  I would encourage you to visit getting started with Bullet Journal  this is explain in better detailed.

How to Bullet Journal Video

They do have a specific Bullet Journal that  can be ordered from the Bullet Journal Store. 

This will be going on my list of gift ideas. Not only for myself, but my other organized crazed friends and family.

This system has me super energized to try it out for the recommend two months to see how it comes along. The concept is so simple, I think that is what reeled me in. Follow me on Facebook to find out how I am coming along with my Bullet Journal.

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